De Beekhoeve | Event venue & Catering

De Beekhoeve | Event venue

De Beekhoeve is a farm built around a square courtyard dating from the 18th century and situated in the picturesque village of Neerlanden, in the east of the Flemish Brabant province. It was renovated at the start of the 2000’s using period construction materials. This farm will transport you to a typically 18th century Brabant atmosphere.

This idyllic environment makes this farm the ideal place for your event.


Many couples celebrate their weddings here and many families and friends share moments of happiness, celebrating christenings, birthdays or any other occasion for coming together with family and friends. During the week, De Beekhoeve also plays host to many companies who come for a day or more to carry out their seminars, conferences, or also parties for their employees.


The estate

In the heart of the village of Neerlanden, a lane running alongside the Molen stream leads you to an arched gateway with an imposing restored oak door. Once you have passed through it, you will find yourself in the heart of De Beekhoeve. Ahead of you, the veranda opens out onto L'Orangerie, leading to the Tiendeschuur grand hall behind. On the south east façade, a small stairway leads directly into the Zijvleugel, a small room whose appeal lies in its intimate feel. In each corner of this farm, the entire history of De Beekhoeve will not fail to inspire wonder.

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Your event

An event at De Beekhoeve combines a magnificent setting with fine dining and the simplicity of one single point of contact.

De Beekhoeve | Catering

With plenty of experience in organising private and professional events, Beekhoeve Catering strives to make each event a flamboyant culinary moment for the utmost pleasure of your guests. At a private meal for a handful of people or at a reception for several thousand guests, each dish is a discovery that exudes the freshness of seasonal products, taking gourmets to new horizons.


With a reputation built up in the sector of luxury event gastronomy, Beekhoeve Catering is able to manage organisation of events from A to Z. In the four corners of Belgium and sometimes beyond its borders, Beekhoeve Catering ensures a successful combination of culinary creativity and organisational excellence.

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