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Chef Agron Billa

Agron Billa is a culinary composer. His notes are his ingredients, his seasoning is his instruments, blended in harmony. As much as his Belgian home, his Mediterranean roots are his source of inspiration

It was at Le Pittem in Roulers that Agron Billa commenced his training as a chef’s assistant, before continuing at De Meersbloem in Tielt, honing his skills and launching his career, which developed very quickly.


Spotted by the famous chef Krist De Bruyn, he was hired to work in his prestigious one-star restaurant Bistro Novo. Agron then went on to work at the two-star restaurant ‘T Laurierblad in Lochristi before moving to France where he spent several weeks.


Catching the eyes of the greatest chefs, he in fact ended up staying there for several years. He worked at the Château de la Chèvre d’Or**, with Jean-Marc Delacourt (Best Craftsman in France) and Le Lameloise***. His career then took him to Switzerland, as part of the brigade of the famous three-star chef Philippe Rochat, before returning to Belgium, in Bruges, at the famous De Karmeliet***.


Next, he went to England to find new cosmopolitan inspirations at the Pont de la Tour*, in London.

Culinary identity

Being a chef is all about innovating. As well as a moment’s escapade, the morning market is the main source of inspiration for Agron Billa. He observes the stalls and then composes the dishes that he tests, afterwards, behind his stoves, involving hours of team-work, many experiments, countless mock-ups and a plethora of prototypes, before finding the desired harmony and difference that makes a dish original.

At Beekhoeve Catering, everything is homemade! More than just corporate culture, it is a code of conduct or even a dogma intended to allow the customer to rediscover the flavour of top quality produce. It is also a way of standing out from the rest and providing unique, creative and surprising dishes. Rocket lettuce sorbet, aniseed bread or melted butter with cranberries all illustrate this desire to be different, an obsession to offer customers the ultimate taste experience that is unheard of and unobtainable elsewhere.